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Euro Technologies is a distributor and converter of Electromagnetic interference (EMI), Thermal management and Environmental sealing gaskets. EMI shielding product range is a composed by three main families : conductive elastomers, metal shields and conductive fabric based products. Considering also shielded windows, microwave absorbers, ferrites, honeycomb vent panels and conductive paints, Euro Technologies appears as one of the most reliable players on this niche market segment.
Thermal interface materials are offered as Gap Fillers, thin Electrically Insulators, grease, phase change and graphite based pad.
All these products can be used in different types of markets and can be customized by the internal R&D office of Euro Technologies, who able to support customers requests 360°.


Euro Technologies offers a wide selection of products. Inside the general catalogue are described, each range, including its features and benefits, specifications, the available variants and possible applications.

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Air, land and sea: Euro Technologies offers products that satisfy the needs of any military applications, even under the most demanding and harsh conditions, and always ensuring top performances and superior quality.

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Thanks to our technical skill, and the capability to determine how and which product to use, our products can match all industry demands about Electromagnetic interference (EMI), Thermal management and Environmental sealing gaskets.

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Euro Technologies proposes a lot of thermal interface solutions as gap filler, conductive insulator and grease, phase change material, thermally and electrically conductive interface. These products can also be customized.

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