Euro Technologies is a customer oriented solution provider of EMI shielding products and Thermal conductive materials. Special environmental IP sealing gaskets complete our reliable product portfolio.

EMI shielding product range is a composed by three main families : conductive elastomers (extruded profiles, custom molded gasket, conductive caulk, oriented wires, Form-In-Place), metal shields (Cu/Be fingerstock, knitted wire mesh, Board-Level-Shield, Metal Tapes) and conductive fabric based products (Fabric-Over-Foam profiles, Conductive Foam, Conductive Fabric). Considering also shielded windows, microwave absorbers, ferrites, honeycomb vent panels and conductive paints, Euro Technologies appears as one of the most reliable players on this niche market segment.

Thermal interface materials are offered as Gap Fillers, thin Electrically Insulators, grease, phase change and graphite based pad.

Our highly skilled R&D dept. is at customer disposal in order to perfectly design the most proper material, shape and geometry of any specific needs in terms of environmental sealing gasket.

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