CoolShield-Flex Series

Thermal and EMI shielding Film

CoolShield-Flex is a stack-up film of thermal interface materials (TIM), metal foils and conductive pressure sensitive adhesives (CPSA). Used together with board level shielding (BLS) frame, it can perform both thermal transmission and shielding for ICs in electronics devices. Meanwhile, CoolShield-Flex provides lower total thickness comparing with other solutions, which makes it fit for use in all compact space designs such as smartphones, tablets and other consumer electronics.

Specific product Characteristics
  • Low height
  • Low weight
  • Disposable
  • Ease of maintenance
  • RoHS compliance and Halogen free
  • Consumer electronics including smart phones & tablets
  • Drones
  • Handhold medical devices
  • Coolshield-Flex can be attached to BLS frame to directly replace BLS cover to provide same level of shielding effectiveness. 2mm frame width is suggested to provide enough area for CPSA to get good adhesion.
  • Size of BLS need to be considered if CoolShield-Flex will be used to replace BLS cover. Special frame design might be required if BLS size is too large.
  • Tab can be added in die cut process for easy peel and stick.
  • Pre-assembly of Coolshield-Flex with BLS frame is possible. High temperature CPSA is available for such cases to survive reflow process.
  • Different upper and lower TIM might be used if higher thermal conductivity is required. Please contact our local field application engineer for support.
Product properties
Typical PropertiesTFLEX HR600
ConstructionFilled silicone elastomer
ColorDark Grey
Thermal Conductivity ASTM D54703W/mK
Hardness (Shore 00) ASTM D2240 (3 second)40
Density2.5 g/cc
Operating temperature range-45°C up to 200°C
Volume resistivity ASTM D2571013 Ohm-cm
UL Flammability Rating94V0
Typical PropertiesTPCM585
ConstructionNon-reinforced film
Specific gravity2.87 g/cc
Thermal Conductivity3.8 W/mK
Phase change softening temperature50° C
Operating temperature range-40°C up to 125°C
Volume resistivity3.0 x 1012 Ohm-cm
Adhesive strength with 180o Peel≥1.3kg/inch
Operating temperature range (°C)-20°C up to 120°C



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