Specific product Characteristics
  • The ECCOSORB® 86B Tape and SC-NNF are both made of the same neoprene coated nylon fabric used to wrap ECCOSORB® ANW
  • Neither is self-adhesive backed and therefore requires the use of ECCOSTOCK® 13-111-NF contact adhesive for attachment
  • Certified to MIL specification: MIL-C-20696E
  • Resistant to fuels, lubricants, and hydraulic fluids
  • Color is Olive drab
Typical application
  • ECCOSORB® 86B Tape is mainly used to reseal rips and tears in the ECCOSORB® ANW weatherproofing cloth as well as reseal the exposed edges of ECCOSORB® ANW after being cut for a custom fit
  • ECCOSORB® SC-NNF is a sheet version used for covering larger areas or complete parts
  • ECCOSORB® 86B Tape is sold by the roll in 90 foot lengths. Rolls are available in widths of 2, 3, 4, and 6 inches (5.08, 7.62, 10.2, and 15.2 cm)
  • ECCOSORB® SC-NNF is sold in sheet form by the linear yard in widths of 58” standard
Instructions for use
  • he recommended adhesive to bond the 86B Tape to ECCOSORB® ANW is the ECCOSTOCK® 13-111-NF contact adhesive. This adhesive is a one part, general purpose, non-flammable neoprene adhesive that is solvent based. ECCOSTOCK® 13-111-NF provides good adhesion to urethane foams, wood, aluminum, rubber, galvanized steel, and most plastics
  • All surfaces to be bonded with the ECCOSTOCK® 13-111-NF should be cleaned to remove all grease, oil, and foreign materials. A recommended solvent is Methylene Chloride which should only be used in a well ventilated area
  • ECCOSTOCK® 13-111-NF may be applied by brush, roller, or spray equipment
  • For spraying, a pressure-type pot spray system is recommended. A pot pressure of 10 to 15 psi and an atomization pressure of 80 psi when using a Devilbiss fluid tip needle type FF will provide acceptable results
  • Shake the container well before opening and mix thoroughly before use
  • Coat both surfaces to be bonded with ECCOSTOCK® 13-111-NF and allow one surface to dry for a period of time till nearly tack free
  • For optimum adhesion it is necessary that one surface be relatively dry to the touch and the other surface be tacky at the time when the surfaces are mated
  • Allow sufficient overlap of the ECCOSORB® 86B Tape and apply sufficient pressure to ensure good contact of the mating surfaces



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