Typical applications of EMI-shielding material in the sector of Electric Mobility

Typical applications of EMI-shielding material in the sector of Electric Mobility

Due to the high amount of electric and electronic components in electric vehicles, the demand of EMI-shielding material is even higher for these vehicles as for conventional cars. Euro Technologies is able and glad to supply this EMI-shielding material’s demand for all its customers.

Meanwhile this type of automobiles have a very high amount of electronic control units, for example engine control, loading control, the control of electronic assistant systems and so on.

For all of these controllers the application of EMI-shielding material, supplied by Euro Technologies,  can be necessary and can help to solve EMI-problems.

Starting with shielding of microprocessors on circuit boards with suitable EMI-covering-caps or for example the shielding of complete controlling housings made of plastic by applying electric conductive paint.

But also the elementary components of the electric power system, such as the electric engine, the voltage transformer, electric lines and so on, which are one of the biggest causers of electromagnetic interferences in the lower frequency area, often require the use of EMI-shielding material.

It is of particular importance to shield the electronic lines between the voltage converter and the electronic engine, because they are responsible for a main amount of the system caused electromagnetic radiation.

Also the electrical power supply of the electric drive, the accumulators, normally needs an EMI-shielding and here different shielding materials can be used.

For example conductive paint for painting a plastic housing which contains the single storage batteries, electric conductive silicone cords for inlaying in notches of a corresponding case cover for the accumulators and so on.

Thanks to its wide range of products and its ability to customized them, Euro Technologies is approaching this new market with passion, sure to have the skills&abilities to serve all customers in the best way.