Eccosorb® JCS


Eccosorb JCS is a carbon-loaded, silicone rubber sheet. It obtains its microwave properties via a carbon loading system and is therefore electrically conductive. Eccosorb JCS is waterproof and has excellent thermal characteristics, tolerating high and low temperatures. Low outgassing is assumed, but formal testing has not been completed yet. Material does not flake or shed. Complex shapes are best cut with a water jet system.

Caratteristiche del prodotto
Caratteristiche e Benefici
  • High loss
  • Low density
  • Very flexible
  • Dust free
  • High frequency applications
  • Automotive
  • Telecom
  • Industrial
Esempi di applicazioni
  • Eccosorb JCS is used to lower cavity Q’s in RF amplifiers, oscillators, cabinets containing microwave devices, computer housings, LNB’s, and isolation of antennas by insertion loss.
  • Eccosorb JCS is also used to reduce surface currents on radiating elements and outer ground-plane type surfaces.
  • Standard sheets are 30.5 cm x 30.5 cm (12’’x12’’)
  • Standard thicknesses are 0.50 mm – 3.18 mm (0.20”-0.125”) with the exception of JCS-9 which has a maximum thickness of 2.03 mm (0.08”)
  • Eccosorb JCS can also be supplied with a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive(PSA) Product designation ‘ECCOSORB® JCS-X/SS6M’.
  • Eccosorb JCS is available in other sizes and customer specified configurations upon request.
Proprietà elettriche
  • Eccosorb JCS is a pure dielectric absorber with no magnetic properties (permeability = 1). The complex permittivity varies with frequency, see graphs below. Attenuation is a figure of merit for the lossiness of absorbent material and should not be used to directly estimate insertion loss.
  • Insertion loss is defined as the reduction in energy between point A and point B caused by the insertion of a material. In general, insertion loss is a function of the material electromagnetic parameters and the thickness. JCS can be custom tailored to many different insertion loss values.
Frequency range6 – 100 GHz
Service Temperature °C (°F)-70 to 177 (-94 to 350)
Thickness0.50 mm – 3.18mm (0.020”-0.125’’)

Data for design engineer guidance only. Observed performance varies in application.
Engineers are reminded to test the material in application.



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