Insulator tubes

EU-TUBE are designed to meet the stringent VDE specification for insulation and they are based on silicon extrusion. Using our clip mounted EU-TUBE a higher level of electrical isolation is achieved maintaining a good thermal performance.

The semiconductor is simply inserted into the tubes which provide an all–round shroud.

Our EU-TUBE accommodate most standard packages and retain the device ready for assembly.

Specific product characteristics
PropertiesEU-TUBESTest Method
Thickness0,5 mm (wall)
Thermal Conductivity0.70 W/mKMIL-I-49456A
Thermal Resistance per cm20.92 °C/W
Hardness65 +- 5Shore Micro
Tear Resistance6,5 kN/mASTM D624
Tensile Strength1,6 MPaASTM D 412
Dielectric Constant @1kHz4,9ASTM D150
Elongation85 %ASTM D150
ColourLight Grey
Temperature Range-60° to + 180°C
Features & benefits
Remains resistant to cleaning agents, and does not support organic growth.
Low Thermal resistance with high voltage isolation
Fills air gaps between components up to 15% of the pads thickness
Complete encapsulation of components
No known deterioration over time
Used in conjunction with fixing spring-clips


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