Custom Solution

Strumenti per il taglio - Prodotti Custom

Cut to lenght

To adapt standard raw material length to customer’s custom request there are three available methods: manual cut, automatic cutting machine specially designed to cut to length fabric...

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Fustellatura - Prodotti Custom

Die cutting

Die cutting is a technique that uses sharp blade shaped to fit the piece design. Using a hydraulic press, the die cut tool compresses and cut soft plane material such as elastomer base sheets or soft materials...

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Taglio a getto d’acqua - Prodotti Custom

Water jet cut

The water jet cut uses a very high-pressure jet of water to cut plane material. Software piloted, this technique allows cutting individual pieces without tooling on a wide range of materials and thicknesses...

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Taglio a lama oscillante (plotter) - Prodotti Custom

Plotter cut

Plotter cut is a technique that uses an oscillating knife blade mounted on a pivoting head CNC controlled. Plotter cut achieves the best cutting tolerance compared to all other techniques and allows cutting...

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Fotoincisione e messa in forma manuale - Prodotti Custom

Photo etching and manual forming

Photo etching is a cutting process that consists to chemically mill unprotected metallic surfaces. Very similar to the etching technique used to etch electronic circuits, this process has sharp tolerances and allows...

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Adesivizzazione - Prodotti Custom

Adhesive Taping

The adhesivation is made on parts such as fingerstocks, fabric over foam or elastomers flat parts in order to increase the ease of use and guarantee mechanical attach. The adhesivation consists...

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Fissaggi meccanici - Prodotti Custom

Mechanical clips

Mechanical clips are used when adhesive or other mounting solutions are not suited. Composed by thru hole plastic clips or rivets, this solution allows a fast mounting and allows...

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Trattamento galvanico superficiale a base Nickel, Zinco, Stagno, Argento, Oro - Prodotti Custom

Galvanic treatment

Galvanic treatments are applied to metallic parts, mainly contacts and fingerstock in copper beryllium alloy. The plating can be zinc, nickel, tin, silver or even gold and it helps increasing the galvanic compatibility...

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Trattamento termico di tempra per garantire l’effetto molla di componenti in lega di rame – berillio - Prodotti Custom

Heat treatment for spring effect enhancing

Custom contacts or fingerstock developed by Euro Technologies are produced with raw copper beryllium alloy, not heat treated...

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Stampaggio a iniezione e/o compressione - Prodotti Custom

Molded and injected elastomer parts

When conductive elastomer parts cannot be produced or obtained from sheets or extruded profiles, the solution is to produce a custom molded or injected part...

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Dispensatura - Prodotti Custom

FIP – Form in place

Form in place is the technology consisting of dispensing a conductive silicone uncured paste on a track. It can be dispensed on flat surfaces, groove, edges and every complex footprint where no other shielding...

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Taglio laser

Laser Cutting

Thanks to the acquisition of a last generation laser cutting machine, Euro Technologies is able to cut customer specific almost every rubber, silicone and plastic-flat materials out of their product portfolio (EMI and Thermal products)...

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Taglio di precisione automatizzato

Fabric over foam

Euro Technologies developed an automatic precision system for cut-to-length service of shielding gaskets. Thanks to this skill, Euro Technologies can offer to its customers a very high precise and repeatable service, maintaining...

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