Thermally and electrically conductive interface

This product family is a high‐performance and cost effective thermal interface material.

EU-GR800 can be used when electrical insulation is not required. Its unique construction allows it to perfectly conform to surfaces, thus maximizing heat transfer.

It’s a 98% graphite composition and it can be considered a valuable dry alternative to thermal compound. EU-GR800 is available with or without PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) on one side.

Specific product Characteristics
  • Thermal Conductivity 240 W/mK in X‐Y axis and 6
    W/mK in Z Axis
  • Low thermal resistance
    Temp.range ‐240 to 300°C
  • Easy to handle and die‐cut
  • Sheet 457x610mm
  • Die cut parts
  • Adhesive side option (suffix“‐1”)
Typical application
  • Power supplies
  • Notebook computers
  • Power conversion equip.
  • Large telecom switching hardware
Product properties
PropertiesEU-­‐GR800Test Method
ColourDark Grey / BlackVisual
ConstructionGraphite composite
Thickness0,13 / 0,25 / 0,50 mm
Hardness85 Shore AASTM D374
Tensile Strenght650 psiASTM D412
Operating Temperature Range‐240 to 300°C
Z Plane Thermal Conductivity6 W /mKASTM 5470mod
X-­Y Plane Thermal Conductivity240 W / mKASTM 5470mod
Thermal Resistance0,07°C­‐in2 /W (@100psi)
0,42°C­‐cm2 /watt (@681kPa)
ASTM 5470mod
UL Flamming Rating94 V0UL
Volume Resistivity11X10­‐4 OHM-­‐CMASTM D257
Outgassing TML0.15%ASTM E595
Outgassing CVCM0.01%ASTM E595


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