Double-side thermal conductive tape

Double-side thermal conductive tapes represent the easiest and fastest fixing way of a dedicated heat sink onto the electronic component which is critical in terms of heat generation.
This solution is consider as a valid alternative to the more expensive and complex mechanical fixing systems such as rivets, clips and/or custom metal frames.
Euro Technologies offers EU-BOND150 product, that is able to combine good thermally conductive properties to an effective mechanical strength.

Specific product Characteristics
  • Easy to handle
  • Avoid use of clips and clamps
  • Cost effective
  • Sheet 300x300mm
  • Roll 300mmx100m
  • Die cut parts
Typical application
  • Microprocessor
  • Small Electronic Packages
  • LED
  • Any electronic components which require heatsinks
Product properties
CompositionAluminium foil coated with a thermal conductive synthetic resin adhesive on both sides
Supporting baseSoft aluminium
Base thicknessmm0.060
Total thicknessmm0.160
AdhesiveSynthtic resin
Adhesive strenghtN/cm5.5
Tensile strenghtN/cm37.5
Thermal conductivityW/mK0.284
Approximate Thermal resistance°C – in2 /W0.45
Temperature range°C-20 to 155
Adhesive coatingDouble faced
ColourWhite / Cream
InterlinersSiliconised polypropylene film


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